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EXE is an ESCO (Energy Service Company) which provides its clients with a set of integrated energy services. It is an independent company, not connected in particular to any technology, manufacturer, or supplier of consumer goods or services.

We are therefore able to offer our clients the best technical-economical solution, finalized at the reduction of energy consumption and to the exploitation of renewable energies, ensuring excellent results and reduced costs, thus potentially a self-financing intervention.

Our primary aim is to carry out an intervention that will pay for itself through energy savings methods. In this way the client is free from any additional burdens on his energy bill.

EXE is registered on the list of companies for Energy Services, recognized by the Authority for electric energy and gas, and it is therefore qualified to issue all the certificates (white, green and black) related to energy saving, to the use of renewable energies and to the reductions of CO2 emissions.

The advantages of the services offered by EXE are remarkable, since the client is able to carry out the intervention without resorting to the additional financial resources required by such an investment.


Our approach to energy issues is a global one, and covers all the technical, authorisation and financial aspects.  



Our typical areas of intervention are:


- production and heat distribution plants, civil and industrial ;

- industry plants (steam, compressed air, electrical engines etc);

- air conditioning systems;

- cogeneration and trigeneration plants;

- thermal solar and photovoltaic plants;

- wind plants;

- systems for internal and public lighting (lighting, traffic lights);

- regulation, automation and telecontrol systems.


We offer the following services:

- energetical diagnosis and identification of possible interventions to improve the energy efficiency of the clients’ buildings and plants;

- verification of compliancy to the rules in force for the client’s plants installations and definition of the intervention in accordance with the law;

- elaboration of feasibility studies, with technical-economical analysis and consequent choice of the most appropriate solution;

- preliminary and executive planning for the intervention to be carried out, with the drawing up of all technical specifications;

- implementation of the intervention in order to save energy use renewable energies;

- financing of the intervention, with a recovery of the intervention carried out through the savings made in the operational costs previously incurred by the client (“funding through a third party” or "project financing");

- precautionary and corrective maintenance of buildings and plants;

- monitoring of the plants and verification of their performance through remote control management;


All the activities can be carried out both directly and by subcontracting, but always taking “in toto” the full responsibilities.



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