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The environment in which we live is under constant threat.

There are various forms of pollution: fumes emissions, acoustic pollution, waste, water contamination, hydrogeological disorders.

EXE is committed to assessing the relationship between the human need for economical development and the needs of the environment, always favouring those planning decisions which reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.

Aware that there is always a price that the environment has to pay for human development, EXE operates with expertise in areas such as territorial planning, environmental surveys, acoustic-environmental surveys, planning of dumps, planning for waste management.  

In particular, with regards to the acoustic surveys, our Competent Technicians for Environmental Acoustics (Law n.447/95) can perform the following tasks:

- verify acoustic emissions in the environment (Law n.447/95);

- estimate the acoustic climate (hospitals, nursing homes, schools, kindergartens) as per art.8 c.3 of  L.447/95;

- evaluate acoustic impact (night clubs, sporting centres, discos, streets, etc.) as per art.8 c.2 of L.447/95;

- verify the acoustic passive requirements of buildings (DM 05/12/1997);

- verify the noise inside houses (DM 14/11/1997).




EXE can support companies in the complex management of all the environmental issues imposed by the laws in force.



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