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In the area of Health and Safety, EXE covers different activities such as:

- coordination for safety in the phase of planning, and implementation of works on temporary and mobile sites. (DLgs 81/2008);

- Responsible for the Prevention and Protection Service (DLgs 81/2008);

- verification of the documents within the company;

- drafting of the Document of Risks, including:

     * evaluation of chemical risk (DLgs 25/2002);

     * evaluation to the exposure to Carcinogetic and Mutagenic Agents;

     * evaluation for the exposure to Mechanical Vibrations (DLgs 187/2005);

     * evaluation for Noise related risks (DLgs 195/2006);

     * evaluation for Fire risk (DM 10/03/1998);

- drafting of Emergency and Evacuation plans (DM 10/03/1998);

- drafting of First Aid plans (Decree 288/2003);

- Workers Training and Information;

- Periodical Verifications and Inspections;

- organization of Periodical Meetings;

- individuation of the necessary figures for the implementation of law requirements.




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