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The building is based on a rectangular plan with side of 31x29.8 meters and a height of 6.77 meters at the intrados of the roofing floor.

On the ground floor the project envisaged processing rooms, administration offices, changing rooms and the security guard offices. Above the ground floor, on a false ceiling made in insulating boards, there is an area (H=2.90m) for the technical machinery, the overhead ducts for cables, electric, heating and water systems.

A pedestrian access path and two driveways on the north side of the lot were planned, with a one way system to facilitate the manoeuvre of heavy vehicles. The other three sides consist of a garden and parking area.

The building has a load bearing skeleton in re-enforced concrete, part of which made of prefabricated elements, and plumbing made of vibrated iron steel panels, which are also insulated with polystyrene foam. The external finishing is in “washed” type, on clear “Orosei” limestone grit on a base of grey concrete.

The flat cover is made of extruded alveolus panels, in pre-stressed steel concrete, with a longitudinal flat profile. The external door and window frames are in electro-coloured aluminium.

Inside the space is divided by prefabricated insulating panels of different thickness, with a structure in galvanized steel and an insulated core, made of flexible foam plyurethan resins. The door and window frames of the controlled temperature working area are in zinc plated steel and insulated core made of flexible foam plyurethan resins.

The rooms are acclimatised through a refrigerating system in order to maintain the correct working temperatures for the meat processing, in accordance with the regulations in force.


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Salumificio "Su Sartizzu" di Barbara Fois, Monastir (Italy)

Salumificio "Su Sartizzu" di Barbara Fois, Monastir (Italy)

800.000,00 Euro



Preliminary, Final and Executive Planning - Supervision of construction - Coordinator for Safety during the phases of Work Planning and Construction


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