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EXE is a rapidly expanding company. Currently, the staff is made up of engineers and surveyors.

Our different work specializations (civil, industrial, environmental, energetical) and work experience merge together to form an organized and flexible team, able to face even the most demanding planning challenges.

According to the specifical needs of our clients, EXE also uses external consultants and companies of proven experience, always putting client’s needs and expectations first.


Sole Director

Andrea Petruso


Andrea Petruso has been involved in roads and hydraulic planning and environmental issues for over 10 years. In 2000 he was awarded the qualification of Competent Technician in environmental acoustics (ex Law n.447/1995). He is specialised in environment impact evaluations, and he is qualified for the role of Coordinator for safety on construction sites (ex DLgs n.494/96). In 1991 he graduated in Civil and Hydraulic Engineering from the University of Cagliari and presented a thesis on the “Experimental survey on the degradation of olive oil waters on the controlled dumps”.


Technical Director

Carlo Traverso


Carlo Traverso graduated from the University of Cagliari in Electrotechnics Engineering in 1993. He presented a thesis on issues relating to the configuration choice and scaling of photovoltaic plants for the production of energy. Since he started his career he has been involved above all in technological plants and industrial safety. In 2001 he was awarded the title of Energy Manager and Verifier of thermal plants as per Law n.10/1991. He is qualfied to work as Coordinator for Safety on construction sites (ex DLgs n.494/96).


In alphabetical order


Michele Brugnera

Michele Brugnera. Diploma of Surveyor awarded by the Istituto Statale "O. Bacaredda" in Cagliari in 1997.

Marcella De Carolis

Marcella De Carolis. Diploma of Surveyor awarded by the Istituto Statale "O. Bacaredda" in Cagliari in 1992.

ImageSilvia Leoni. Diploma in Science and Psychological Techniques applied to learning and psycho-social health, awarded by the University of Cagliari in 2009. Responsible of Secretariat operational and Quality System.




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