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EXE was founded by 3 partners who have been working for over 10 years as freelancers, in different engineering fields.

The company boasts considerable experience of the highest level, since we have always directly served the most important national companies and public bodies.

Among our various clients: Enel; Enel Hydro; Saras Tecnologie; Saras Ricerche; Ericsson Telecomunicazioni; Techint Spa; Rete Ferroviaria Italiana; Poste Italiane; Regione Autonoma della Sardegna; Provincia di Cagliari; Comune di Cagliari; Other pubblic Authorities.


Thanks to its well-organized and flexible structure, EXE can respond to clients’ different needs and operate with multidisciplinary skills in the following areas:

- residential and service constructions (for management, tourism, schools, sport, etc);

- structures (c.a. c.a.p., steel);

- aqueducts, sewage systems and water treatment plants;

- technological plants (electrical and special, thermo-technical, hydro-sanitary, firefighting);

- environmental engineering (treatment and valorisation of waste, acoustics);

- industrial engineering (food, energy production, etc.);

- safety and work hygiene (DLgs 81/2008). 


EXE carries out the following technical-professional consultancy services:

- planning;

- supervision of constructions;

- assistance on site;

- technical-economical consultancies;

- consultancies, measurements and sampling on the environmental and industrial safety sectors.



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